International Youth Day

Canada’s youth are already working hard to make Canada better place. A generation brimming with vision, occupied with how to make our country a greater, more just and prosperous nation. Already we are seeing the best attributes of our nation expressed in the young athletes in Rio. Athletes like our women’s swim team, who’s medal winning performance is matched only by their humility and authenticity outside of the pool.

These youth deserve a government that is fully committed to their prosperity and well-being today and for the future. Canada’s youth need a government that prioritizes job creation and the policies that lead to sustained long-term economic growth – a government that does not mortgage the future of Canada’s youth by running large deficits today.

Today is international youth day. A day dedicated to recognizing both the contributions of our youth as well as the issues that continue to affect them. Canada has a bright future because of the excellence of our youth. On this day we celebrate Canada’s youth and continue our commitment to make this country worthy of them as we prepare to pass the torch one day.