Mental Health Week

“Mental health is more than just the absence of mental illness. It is a state of well-being.”

These are powerful words from the Canadian Mental Health Association. So often we focus on the negative aspects of mental illness, but do not talk about how we achieve mental well-being. During this, the week of Mental Health Awareness, I encourage you to evaluate yourself and the state of your mental health.

For those suffering from a mental illness – something that impacts all of us directly or indirectly– there is help and there is hope. Together we are ending the stigma about mental illness. It is no longer acceptable that people suffer in silence. We are united as one voice against the negative lies by which mental illness holds us captive. Together we speak the truth – together we bring hope and light. If you can’t see the way forward, please reach out!

If you are have a mental health crisis you can call the Distress Line of Southwestern Alberta 24 hours a day at: (403) 327-7905 or 1-888- 787-2880