Pink Shirt Day

Words hurt. In this age of social media images, memes, texts, vines and posts bring life to these words. Words that cannot be escaped because they will not be silenced even after returning to the safety of home. No they are publicly declared for all to see in the village square that is the internet. It only takes a fraction of a second to swipe or tap a phone – so little effort to share these words – yet the impact can take an impossible effort to undo. Broken bones heal. Venomous words become a part of us - and when those words become the chant of the mob then they define us. Today is the day that we commit ourselves every year to not allowing this to happen. To recognize that not taking a stand to stop someone else from being hurt ends up hurting us more in the end. So let us all look in the mirror today and challenge ourselves to act. Bullying – stop it.

Shane Koyczan has an excellent youtube video that brings life to his story about bullying and the truth that can be found in each of us. I highly recommend checking it out:

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