Statement on National Suicide Prevention Week

As national suicide prevention week draws to a close, let us reflect on what each and every one of us can do to put an end to this tragic disease. With information and constant vigilance together we have the ability to reach out to those in experiencing crisis and to be the voice of hope. One of the primary purposes of this week is to bring awareness about what to look for in our friends and family to recognize the signs of distress.

With the economic challenges that Alberta is facing the tragic reality of depression and suicide are already being felt. In the news we read about our heroes in uniform: soldiers, police, firefighters and paramedics, who fight for us all too often failing in their fight against PTSD. The statistics tell us 1 in 6 people will consider suicide at some point of their life. There is no face, no class, no age to this disease.

Please take a few minutes to click on the links below to familiarize yourself with the signs of depression. This may help you to save a life. The underlying causes of suicide can be treated. Hope can be found. Together we can overcome this silent killer.

If you are have a mental health crisis you can call the Distress Line of Southwestern Alberta 24 hours a day at: (403) 327-7905 or 1-888-787-2880

There are many great resources online to help people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts, or who are grieving the loss of someone who has committee suicide. Both and are great resources.

Do you know the signs someone may be considering suicide? The answers can be found here: