Bovine TB Quarantine in Southern Alberta

The quarantine by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency of 30 ranches in Southeastern Alberta is of great concern to the ranchers in Lethbridge.

As the Canadian Food Inspection Agency states on their website, Bovine Tuberculosis is extremely rare in Canada and almost all investigations rule out the presence of Bovine Tuberculosis in Canadian cattle. Therefore it is extremely important that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency allocate the appropriate resources to conduct these investigations quickly so that there will be minimal market interruption for these farmers.

Canada has a world leading herd health monitoring system and Canadians can have full confidence in the quality and safety of our beef.

If you are affected by this quarantine and wish to share your concerns, please contact Matthew in my office [email protected] and we would be happy to pass on your concerns to the Minister of Health and the Minister of Agriculture.

Further information on the quarantine can be found on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s website here:…/e…/1477438380160/1477438380659

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