Liberal Budget 2017 is a Plan to Nickel-and-Dime Canadians

Liberal budget is a plan to nickel-and-dime Canadians

OTTAWA – MARCH 22, 2017


Rachael Harder, Member of Parliament for Lethbridge, issued the following statement today following the tabling of Budget 2017:

“Canadians were hoping for a better outcome from the Liberal budget announced today.  At a time when Liberals are making life more expensive, Justin Trudeau could have offered lower taxes and a job creation plan that actually works.

 “With increased taxes on public transit, Uber, beer, wine, tobacco, home heating, and gasoline, life just got more expensive for Canadians.

“Instead of raising taxes, Justin Trudeau should focus on supporting policies that will create jobs— particularly for young Canadians.

“In the last year, Canadians aged 15-24 lost 42,000 full time jobs. And to make matters worse, the Finance Minister has stated that young workers needs to get used to ‘job churn.’ This is unacceptable.

“Since being elected in 2015, I’ve travelled from coast to coast talking to young people” said Harder, “and one of the things I’ve heard over and over again is that the federal government should provide a tax incentive to employers who hire young people. Budget 2017 was a missed opportunity to advocate for our country’s young labour force.

“When it comes to our economy, Liberal programs won’t help the vast majority of Canadian workers and businesses who now face much more intense competition from a low-cost, low-tax United States.

“Sadly, with this budget the Liberals are mortgaging the future of our great country and it’s our children who will have to foot the bill.

“When it comes to infrastructure spending, Lethbridge got left in the cold, while Liberal-friendly large centres, like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal were given the bulk of the funding.

“My Conservative colleagues and I will continue to be the voice of the taxpayer and we will not stay silent while Justin Trudeau nickel-and-dimes Canadians.”