Liberal’s New Gun Laws Fail Canadians

On May 28th the Liberal’s new firearms legislation passed third reading in the Senate and once it receives Royal Assent from the Governor General, it will become enforceable. 

Mr. Trudeau wants you to believe this legislation will help make Canada safer, but that’s a lie.

When Trudeau introduced this bill, he said in a tweet “If you want to buy a gun, by law you’ll have to show a license at the point of purchase. Right now that’s not a requirement.” To set the record straight, this is blatantly false.

Trudeau’s words are nothing more than disdainful grandstanding for the sake of political gain.

Canadians must show a valid Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) every time they purchase ammunition or a firearm. Canadians are required to go through training, write a test, and be thoroughly vetted before they are granted their PAL. 

The Liberals are at it again. They’ve targeted law-abiding firearms owners with new legislation that creates a back-door firearms registry and villainizes responsible Canadians. Worse, the Prime Minister has deliberately misled Canadians about the current rules to create a false sense of fear.

Senator Don Plett said it well when he tweeted “The Senate has a responsibility to look beyond the government's talking points and to demand evidence-based policy. This has not happened with Bill C-71. This bill is being rubber-stamped by the Independent Senators Group and will do nothing to deal with gun violence.” 

Ironically, while the Liberal government is attacking law-abiding firearms owners, they have also introduced another piece of legislation that makes life easier for violent criminals. The contrast couldn’t be clearer: one law attacks the good guys, and the other rewards the bad guys.

Bill C-71 is the Liberal’s new firearms legislation, which creates a backdoor long-gun registry, confiscates firearms that were legally purchased by Canadians, and allows the federal government to share firearms records with the province of Quebec. In short, it punishes hunters and sport shooters and does nothing to make our communities safer.

Meanwhile, bill C-75 makes significant changes to the Criminal Code that water down penalties for a number of heinous crimes, such as participating in a terrorist group, trafficking women and girls, infanticide, child abduction, poisoning someone, forcing marriage, advocating for genocide, and participating in organized crime.

Conservatives believe the safety of Canadians should be the number one priority of any government. The rights of victims and communities must always come first.

Bill C-71 will do absolutely nothing to keep Canadians safe. As Conservative leader, Andrew Scheer said, “criminals don’t follow gun laws, and law-abiding gun owners aren’t criminals.

“Justin Trudeau’s approach to guns fails to address the real problem – criminals who use guns to commit violence. This failure has consequences for Canadians, making them less safe by targeting legal gun owners instead of those who do harm to innocent people.”

I am proud to say that a Conservative government will repeal the Liberal’s ineffective gun bill and replace it with legislation that targets criminals, protects Canadians and respects law-abiding firearms owners.

Along with making sure our borders are secure and front-line workers have the resources they need to be effective, we will target criminals by:

  • Creating a CBSA Firearms Smuggling Task Force
  • Mandating prison time for knowingly possessing a smuggled gun
  • Enforcing a lifetime firearm ban for violent and gang criminals
  • Tackling “straw purchases”
  • Temporarily seizing guns from detained mental health patients
  • Applying new penalties for selling guns to prohibited users

“Canadians must feel safe in their homes and neighborhoods,” Scheer said. “A Conservative government will put criminals with guns behind bars for a long time.”

Canadians deserve a government that will take hard action against real criminals and respect law-abiding citizens.