Liberal Speech From The Throne

Today confirmed what many of us suspected. The Liberals have big spending plans and they are committed to spending regardless of our economic realities. This approach means borrowing from future generations who will receive fewer services as they're forced to pay for old debts. As we saw with the Liberals previously this approach cannot be sustained. When they ran out of money in the 1990s the Liberals cut health care and transfers to the provinces - what is to stop them from doing this again?

Sadly there was zero reference to agriculture or rural Canada. Even though agriculture and agri-food are one of Canada's largest primary industries, there was no vision or plan for how to support this vital sector. There wasn't even a reference to the Trans Pacific Partnership which is overwhelmingly favourable to agricultural exporters in Lethbridge.

What the Liberals did commit to, however, was expanding Employment Insurance and the Canada Pension Plan. What this means is higher premiums today that will kill jobs, put financial stress on small businesses and reduce employment opportunities for Youth.

However one of the most alarming promises the Liberals have made is to change our electoral system without consulting Canadians through a referendum - before the next election. This means that the Liberals are going to attempt to bring in an electoral system that favours them before the next campaign - and they plan on doing it without asking for your ok.

The only thing that can stop these reckless promises is the active engagement of Canadians. If there is one reassuring trait about Liberal governments it is that they will back down on any commitment if there's enough public opposition.

I invite you to join with me to ensure that Justin Trudeau understands that Western Canada still has a voice, and that the Liberals cannot re-write our democracy without giving Canadians a direct say in any new electoral system!