Looking Forward to Federal Elections

Harder looking forward to federal elections


Lethbridge MP Rachael Harder is looking forward to the new year when she and the rest of the Conservative Party look to defeat the current government in the fall election. Herald photo by Ian Martens @IMartensHerald

Tim Kalinowski

Lethbridge Herald

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Lethbridge Member of Parliament Rachael Harder is eagerly counting down the days until this year’s federal election.

“I am looking forward to the election,” she confirms. “I am looking forward to putting some good policy pieces on the table and engaging in dialogue that needs to be engaged in here in Canada. I am excited to talk to Canadians about the things which matter to them. I am excited to present to them a plan that is going to serve Canadians well by making life more affordable for them, and takes their voices into account rather than dictates to them. I am excited to do that. And at this point in time, the polls look really good for us (to win).”

Harder says the rising popularity of the Conservative Party across Canada as a whole, and of her leader Andrew Scheer particularly, isn’t surprising.

“(The Liberal government) had the opportunity to get that Trans-Mountain pipeline twinned, in the ground, and to get our commodity to market,” she states. “We had an opportunity to do something there which would have benefited all of Canada, and then our prime minister first made the decision to not support it, and then subsequently buy it with taxpayer money, and then put absolutely zero plan in place with regard to it being built and brought to fruition. I am extremely proud to stand with the men and women around this country who would benefit from that pipeline being built.”

Harder feels Prime Minister Trudeau has failed his test of leadership these past four years on many fronts, but on the pipeline issue in particular.

“No one interest group or party across this country should be able to dictate the outcome of a decision like this,” she says. “We are talking about an industry which benefits our entire country, and we are talking about a pipeline that will benefit every single woman, man and child from coast to coast in Canada. At the end of the day, one province or even two provinces do not get to join forces to hold a project like this hostage while the rest of Canada suffers. It is within the prime minister’s powers to veto that and get this project done, because it is in the nation’s best interests. Indeed, it would be good leadership to do so. However, Prime Minister Trudeau chose not to do that.”

Harder is equally critical of Trudeau’s handling of the USMCA agreement.

“We had one shot to get tariffs removed off our Canadian steel and aluminum,” she says. “That was the space between no signature and a signature. Our prime minister had one job, and that was to get those tariffs removed before he put ink on the paper. (His failure) does not speak well of a prime minister who is seeking the best interests of his country.”

Harder says of all the issues she has personally fought for over the past year, she is most proud of the strong position she has taken nationally in opposing Bill C-71, the Liberal government’s firearms bill.

“I am certainly very proud of my voice with regard to Bill C-71,” she confirms; “this firearms legislation the government is putting in place unnecessarily. I helped sponsor a petition, 1608, and it is the second most signed e-petition in all of Canada’s history. I am proud of the Canadians who have stood up and used their voices on this issue to speak out against a piece of legislation which is absolute nonsense. It’s nonsense they would put more legislation in place to go after those who are already responsible citizens and are doing nothing to go after those who are actually causing harm within Canadian society.”

“I am looking forward to scrapping Bill C-71 when we form the government in 2019,” she states.

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