Pam Damoff Rejects ISIS Victims



On Tuesday, March 20th, the House of Commons Committee on the Status of Women was asked to study the impact of bringing ISIS militants back into Canada.

The current government is committed to welcoming ISIS terrorists back into Canada in order to “de-radicalize” them.

This raises many concerns for Canadians, but it is especially alarming for the women and girls who have fled places like Iraq, Syria and Jordan to find refuge in Canada—many of whom have been raped and tortured at the hands of ISIS.

This was an opportunity to stand up for vulnerable women and girls who call Canada home.

Every Liberal member of the committee voted NO.

Ms. Damoff led the charge.

Watch the video and see for yourself: 



If this concerns you, please take a moment to send a quick email or phone Ms. Damoff to let her know your concerns.

You can email her at [email protected] or  phone her office at 905.847.4043.