Press Release on Launch of Petition


Over 13,000 Canadians Sign Local Petition Against Liberal Firearms Legislation In The First 24 Hours


OTTAWA, ON- Rachael Harder, the Member of Parliament for Lethbridge and the Conservative Shadow Minister for the Status of Women, celebrated the success of House of Commons e-petition 1608, which calls on the Liberal government to  scrap its new firearms legislation that creates a back-door long-gun registry.

In the first 24 hours, over 13,000 Canadians signed the petition from all regions of Canada.

“It is fantastic that a petition that started here in Coalhurst has taken off nationally!” said MP Harder. She continued, “Thanks to the political engagement of a local youth voice, hundreds of thousands of law-abiding firearms owners now have the ability to officially make their voices heard in the House of Commons.”

The petition was created by a local resident, Ryan Slingerland. E-petitions require a Member of Parliament to sponsor them before they are official and made available to the public. The petition is open for signature for 120 days. MP Harder was pleased to sponsor this petition on behalf of law-abiding firearms owners in the Lethbridge constituency and across Canada.

MP Harder offered the following comment on Bill C-71: “This Liberal legislation does nothing to reduce criminal gang activity or to crack down on organized crime in Canada. Instead, it creates a back-door long-gun registry that targets law-abiding hunters and firearms owners.” She continued, “The Liberals are failing to tackle criminals who use guns to commit violent crime, while treating law-abiding firearms owners as criminals. This is unacceptable.”


Contact Information:

Rachael Harder is available for comment.

To arrange an interview please contact Matthew at [email protected] or call (613) 992-4516.



The text of the petition is:



  • Bill C-71, An Act to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to firearms, does nothing to tackle firearms violence, but rather adds further red-tape on law abiding firearms owners;
  • This legislation brings back the useless and ineffective long-gun registry; and
  • This legislation does not provide the resources to frontline police forces to tackle the true source of firearms violence : gangs and organized criminal enterprises.

We, the undersigned, Residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to scrap Bill C-71, An Act to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to firearms, and to instead devote greater resources to policing in Canada.


The number of signatories can be found on the House of Commons webpage for the petition: