Rachael Harder, MP Seeks Constituents’ Views on Medical Assistance in Dying Act

Rachael Harder, the Member of Parliament for Lethbridge provided the following statement on Bill C-14 The Medical Assistance in Dying Act.

“We now have the amended legislation back in the House of Commons to begin the final stages of debate on the Medical Assistance in Dying Act. Now that we know what the final wording of the Bill is likely to be, I would encourage my constituents to go to my website www.RachaelHarder.ca and vote on whether they believe I should vote for or against Bill C-14.”

The latest version of the legislation can be found here: http://www.parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/Publication.aspx?Language=E&Mode=1&DocId=8266110

“The Liberals used procedural rules to cut short the debate on 2nd reading and it appears they will use similar procedural tactics to limit debate at 3rd reading as well. Therefore it is important that constituents participate in the survey as soon as possible in order for their voices to be heard.”

The Liberals have committed to passing this legislation through both the House of Commons and the Senate by June 6th. In order to do so, Bill C-14 will need to be in the Senate before the end of this week.