Status of Women Committee

Statement by Rachael Harder and Karen Vecchio

October 3, 2017
Ottawa, Ontario – Shadow Minister for the Status of Women, Rachael Harder, and Shadow Minister for Families, Children and Social Development, Karen Vecchio, today issued the following joint statement on the Status of Women Committee:
“Today in the House of Commons, the Liberal members of the Status of Women Committee have a choice; stand up for female business operators who are disproportionately affected by Justin Trudeau’s tax hike on local businesses, or support a tax hike that makes it harder for women to succeed. The Prime Minister is politicizing the Status of Women Committee because he is so desperate to distract from his tax hike on local businesses that he ordered his Liberal members to bully and intimidate a female Member of Parliament.
“For Justin Trudeau to say, a Member of Parliament is unfit to hold a procedural position because she doesn’t agree with his personal position, is ridiculous.  It’s disappointing that Justin Trudeau would act this way and his actions demonstrate the intolerance of the Liberal Party of Canada, which claims to value diversity.
“We remind Justin Trudeau of his former Cabinet Minister, Judy Foote, who said: ‘Why? Why do some people feel it is okay to treat another individual as less than equal?’ The answer is that it is not. Justin Trudeau would be well served to remember Ms. Foote’s wise words.

“Conservatives accept the democratic will of the committee, and unlike Justin Trudeau, we commit to working on behalf of all women in Canada, regardless of their beliefs.”